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3D Printing & Makerspace Services

3D Printing

3D Print

3D printing is the process of creating a physical object from a digital model. It is also known as additive manufacturing because the physical model is built one layer at a time from the bottom up. 3D printing provides an opportunity for everyone to take an idea from their imagination, design it, and create a physical model.

What types of 3D printers are available?

Prusa MK3S+ (filament) and SL1S (resin) printers are available at the Crisfield and Princess Anne Libraries.

Filament Printer

MK3S+ Filament Printer

The MK3S+ uses a spool of thermoplastic filament to draw the object as a series of 0.20 mm layers stacked on top of each other. The maximum print size of 9 inches (width) x 8 inches (depth) x 8 inches (height).

The MK3S+ is generally better for larger prints or prints where properties of the particular thermoplastic are relevant to the intended use. The library stocks a large assortment of colors of PLA (derived from plant starches), and has smaller selections of PETG (stronger and more heat resistant) and ABS (also stronger and more heat resistant; can be painted and glued).

Resin Printer

SL1S Resin Printer

The SL1S uses an ultraviolet light to solidify each 0.05 mm layer in a single exposure. The maximum print size is 5 inches (width) x 3 inches (depth) x 5.5 inches (height).

Given the smaller layer size, the SL1S is generally better for smaller prints with high amounts of detail. However, because it produces each layer in a single action rather than drawing them, it may also produce objects that are wide, deep, and short faster than the MK3S+.

Since resin models are often painted, the Library stocks a smaller supply of colors.

Resin Printer

What software is available to create 3D models?

We recommend the free, browser-based program called Tinkercad for beginners. Designs can also be downloaded for free from Prusa's Printables or Makerbot's Thingiverse.

Frequently Asked Questions about printing your design

To print an object, provide us with your .stl or .obj file on a flash drive. We will download your file to our computer and return the flash drive to you.


3D printing pricing is based on the print time and the mass of the object, including support material, at a cost of $1.00 per hour plus $0.10 per gram for most filament and $0.20 per ml for most resins. The Library may have additional thermoplastic filaments available at an additional cost.

Print Time

Print times can vary depending on the size or complexity of your print. We ask that you try to keep your print times to less than 10 hours. This way we can complete the print job during our regular weekday hours.

Library staff are not responsible for removing any supports, brims, or rafts. Support material can be carefully removed using X-ACTO knives and needle nose pliers.


Bad prints that are the fault of the machine, a power outage, etc., will be reprinted at no charge. Users will be charged for bad prints that result from a fault in the model design or supports.

Additional Makerspace Services

Vaquform Mold Making Machine

Resin Printer

The Crisfield Library has a Vaquform vacuum forming machine that can produce highly accurate industrial-grade plastic moldings utilizing 0.30 mm to 3.00 mm thick plastic sheets. (The sheet dimensions are uniformly 330 mm x 250 mm. The maximum height of the object to be molded is 200 mm.)

The Library carries a variety of sheet thicknesses in both PETG and HIPS (stronger, but also more brittle).

The cost is $2.50 per sheet for any 1 mm or thinner sheet, in either material. Thicker sheets may be available at additional cost.


The Crisfield and Princess Anne Libraries have Cricut Maker 3s that offer a variety of cutting, drawing, and other tools for a wide variety of projects. The Cricut is a computer controlled cutting machine with the ability to cut various designs on multiple materials including paper, vinyl, and iron-on to be used for diy crafting.

You can bring your own material or purchase sheets from the library. Because of the wide variability of material prices, cost to the user will also vary.

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